This year’s NBKA Introduction to Beekeeping day was held on the 16th of July 2017, and attended by 25 keen would-be beekeepers.  Each attendee received a folder packed full of useful information on getting started with honey bees. Graham Wrenn, the NBKA chairman, gave a brief introduction, and handed over to Paul Metcalf, the association president, who gave a whirlwind lecture of all things bees. We then headed by foot to the apiary at Easton College, where 3 hives were opened for the benefit of the attendees. While the weather was overcast, many bees were flying, and the humidity caused several first-timers to question whether beekeepers spent hot summer days inside a bee suit (yes, with sweat dripping through the veil on occasion!). After fielding many questions, we closed up and headed back to the college campus.

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