The Royal Norfolk Show will be held on the 27th and 28th of June 2018, and this year sees the introduction of a School’s Class to the NBKA honey show.


Depict the tasks that worker bees carry out within a colony.
Feeding Brood, Cleaning the Hive, Guarding, Foraging for Nectar, Pollen, and Water. Making Comb.
All tasks or a single task may be depicted.

Entry particulars

Entries can be in the form of 3D, 2D.
3D entries must have a foot print no greater than A3, 2D entries should be on a format no greater than A3: 420 mm X 297 mm.
Entries with a title and information relating school and age group should be submitted as photos to
The Top 10 entries will be exhibited at the Norfolk Show, in the form of the first 3 will be displayed and photographs of 7 – 10.

Closing date

1st June 2018

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