On Saturday 16th of February, on what was a sunny and pleasant afternoon, when the bees were flying (and bringing back plenty of pollen and nectar!), a good turnout of members congregated at Easton College to hear Fiona Dixon talk about her experiences as a honey show judge. Having never shown honey in either of the NBKA shows, this was a good opportunity to learn about the expectations of judges, as well as the extreme lengths that some entrants will go to in order to win the coveted prizes, presented at the President’s Evening later in the year.

Not only did Fiona talk to us about honey, demonstrating her methods of using an LED torch to carefully inspect the clarity of the solution, but she also related her anecdotes from her extensive experience as a judge, at a local and national level, including some of the dishonest tricks that entrants have used in an attempt to win!

Wax, honey cakes and frames ready for extraction were also discussed, and there were plenty of questions from members – both those who had shown extensively and wanted some tips, and those who had little experience, and were after a bit more guidance about the basics. NBKA chairman Graham Wrenn thanked Fiona for her presentation, and there was a further opportunity to ask questions and chat after the presentation, before people headed off to think about how much honey they would be harvesting in time for the Royal Norfolk Show.

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