Many of you probably know how Google Groups work – but as each group is set up with different permissions here are a few of the detail’s on how the Norfolk Beekeepers Google Group is set up.

The first point I need to make is that group is strictly for NBKA members only. As a member you can join the group and then message all of the other members in the group – not all of the member of the NBKA – only those who are in the group.

As a member of the group every email that is sent to the group is sent to you as is every additional comment to that email. All members of the group get all of the emails sent to them.

You can join the Norfolk Beekeepers Google Group if you are a member of the NBKA by sending an email to

Please be patient – especially in the summer when the weather is warm as your webmaster is also bee keeper and as likely as not he will be out with his bees and not sitting in front of his computer.

Norfolk Beekeepers Google Group