Dissolve 1Kg of white granulated sugar in 350ml  (just over 1/2 pint) of water. In a heavy pan, boil to 117-118 C using a jam thermometer. Once most of

the water has gone take care as the temperature rises rapidly. Plunge the pan in a sink of cold water and stir. Add 1 tbls of glucose syrup and continue to stir.As it starts to go white you can use and electric mixer (I use a food mixer with a dough hook). When it is cool enough, knead on a work surface. When cold the fondant can be wrapped in cling film and kept in the fridge until needed. It can then be rolled out and cut into strips or any shape required.

NB Some recipes use a small amount of vinegar instead of the glucose.

You can pour the cooled, mixed fondant into containers (plastic tubs, etc.) and let it set. This is then ready to use; the fondant is a bit harder with slightly bigger crystals.