Supporting beekeepers in Norfolk (UK), a charitable association affiliated with the BBKA. Registered charity number 1199713.

NBKA was formed in 1923. Its aims then, as now, were to help beekeepers in Norfolk by providing talks on beekeeping subjects and to encourage and support new beekeepers. It forms a federation with the West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Beekeepers’ Association, and members of either association can participate in events of the other.

Throughout the year the association has a number of meetings which cover topical beekeeping subjects and, in the summer months, there are practical demonstrations at apiaries of both members and the association. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to meet with other beekeepers and exchange ideas. The association publishes a newsletter on a regular basis containing information about the association’’s events and items of topical interest, and also publishes a yearbook containing articles and information relating to the association.

In 2021, the association gained use of a teaching apiary site in Coston, and this will be developed going forward. Prior to 2020, the association had a long-running association with Easton College. In 2022, the association applied for and gained charitable status.