Online payments

Online payments for subscriptions are accepted via PayPal or bank transfer.

Pay NBKA via PayPal

Member number: 0.0.0
Total due: £Invalid

There is a charge for the association to handle PayPal payments, so bank transfers are preferred, using the following details:

  • Sort code: 090151
  • Account number: 54449407
  • Name on account: N B K A (please note the space between each letter)

Please quote the member number above as the reference (but note that your bank will probably not allow full stops, so you may have to remove those). Please also note that the name on the account is not “Norfolk”, “Norfolk Beekeepers” or “Norfolk Beekeepers Association”. Banks that check the name on the destination account before setting up the payment will reject the payment if those names are used – please ensure to use “N B K A” instead.

Please contact the membership secretary if you have any problems with the online payment process.